Caught the voodoo hyenas tussling again. Seems good natured enough, but not the distraction we need in the middle of prep time!

These two will be coming to fanexpo with us.

Bones has made some pretty sweet modifications to the original pattern which are subtle, but refine their hips and shoulders a little more. We’re also using our new joints in their stifles (otherwise known as the knee), which given ‘em a really  nice ‘tuck’ ability.

For the uninitiated, these guys are made using ball and socket resin joints, and do not utilize wire. As a result, they’re nice and durable, and hold a pose beautifully without the worry of wire fatigue/breakage.

Their boney bits are cast in resin from our original sculpts (skulls are based on Crocuta crocuta, the spotted hyena), hand painted and sewn. These guys sport two slightly different colour schemes, the warm yellow-tan, and the cooler mushroomy grey. The mushroom fella uses a brand new side fur that’s lovely and has a bit of a shine to it, so he’s probably somewhat unrealistic in just how tidy he looks, haha.



Sylvia Evers Sculptures

Sylvia Evers makes her ceramic sculptures, poetic, hushed performances, by using the human body, symbolic acts and animal forms. Use Her animals sometimes have human traits and people sometimes something animal thing. One by Evers often depicted animal is the deer, armed with horns or antlers just made ​​a pile of clothes for the next day, or as victims themselves thoroughly reflective of the hunt. Evers can thus display a deer, as if you’ve discovered the net itself in the deserted woods. They do the same with a human figure. Again, you get the feeling of being unobserved and vulnerable in existence. It usually white colored ceramic enhances the look of innocence and beauty of the images. Recurring themes in his work Evers vulnerability and introspection. Besides these introspective silence, she reflects on the interaction between doubt and belief. "Beauty lies before me in the human inability, close to the emotions and desires, inherent existence. Therein lies the existential struggle in which no one escapes.